Crate Sportsman Modified



See DIRTcar sportsman Rules



2014 rules bulletin link:







All rules will remain the same as (DIRT 2014) except for the following:





Weight requirements as follows:  Weight Requirement: 2,450 lbs. Aluminum or steel wheel



Tires:  American Racer only max 13x92.


Fuel:  Pump fuel only NO additives.


Shocks:  Will follow 2014 DIRTcar Sportsman Modified rules. EXCEPT for the sticker rule. (Does NOT apply).  non adjustable. Schrader valves allowed.      NO Large body shocks.


Wheels:  Steel or aluminum.


Gear:  608 Max.


Headers:  NO tri-Y headers allowed.


Rev box’s: Optional.


Carb spacer: Any with a max height of  1 1/8 including gaskets.