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The advertisements on this page depict five of the most common locations of online advertising our partners choose to pursue.

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The Overview

Being a Black Rock Speedway Online Marketing Partner gives you the maximum impact and exposure into the world of local dirt track motorsports. Our Partner Plans are designed to accommodate every business budget by offering flexible and affordable rates. Whether you are a seasoned corporation furthering your expansion into the loyal racing fan world, or a small cornerstore business looking to support neighbors in your community, delivers.

How We Will Help

When people around the globe go online and search for information, the majority turn to Google (49.2%) or Yahoo (23.8%).1 Like nearly all search engines, Google & Yahoo rank each web site they visit, and only one site can be #1. For dirt track stock car racing in New York that web site is As far as dirt track stock car racing for the whole world, well according to Google we're #12 and for us, that's not too bad.

Because of these rankings and because of our loyal and ever-growing fan base we know that when you partner with us, people will notice.

How You Get Started

To join our team and to start having some fun with your advertising budget contact Mark Sincock directly at 607.227.3278

1 Google & Yahoo market share provided by Nielsen NetRatings
2 Ranking sampled July - December 2007